Rainy Day Essentials

The old nursery rhyme might have spoken of spring showers, but this time of year can be just as troublesome. Some of us have seen more rain than we’d like to this year, while others in drought-stricken parts of the country are hoping for more. Either way, when it rains on your parade, here are a few necessities I like to keep in mind.


Rainy Day Essentials


Jacket: The versatile rain jacket, preferably with a hood

Boots: Who said the red rubber boots of childhood rainstorms need to stay part of your past? Add a splash of color as you plow through the puddles on those particularly wet days.

Umbrella: Matching umbrella to boots is optional, but very cute!

Scarf: I love the way a scarf can act as both fashion accessory and style necessity when drizzle can destroy a hairstyle. But avoid silk or wool. Instead go for cotton or polyester — something that will dry easily.

Waterproof mascara: If you go for the barely-there look of makeup this season, mascara can help to bring out eyes with minimal effort. Just make sure you grab the waterproof stuff when it’s wet out (this goes for eyeliner, too)!

Hair serum: If the frizz needs to be tamed, reach for a serum that will help to smooth the strands together.

Zippered tote: Keep all your rainy day necessities together in one place so you can quickly grab-and-go when the weather takes an unexpected turn.

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