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Selena Gomez in matching makeup, Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar
Selena Gomez in matching makeup, Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

I keep seeing various celebrities noticed for the way they matched their lips to their dresses or their eyes to their shoes.

This picture from Harper’s Bazaar of Selena Gomez’ deep burgundy lips with her dress is just one example of how stunning it can be when the match is done right.

This isn’t necessarily a new trend, but it is one you can take advantage of if you keep a few things in mind.

To play it safe, choose one feature to make the match, whether your lips, eyes or cheeks. Keep the rest of your makeup on the neutral side. Occasionally, you can get away with matching lips, eyes and shoes or nails, dress and lips, but that runs the risk of too much matching, so be sure to look at it all with a critical eye.

One main rule of thumb is you don’t have to go for an exact match. Often, you shouldn’t.

If the accessory or clothing you’re matching is more subtle in shade, you can go with a slightly richer or darker hue to really draw out the color. If you’re wearing something with several colors, pick one or two to highlight.

How you apply your makeup can also make a difference in how successfully you manage the look.

Fashion portrait of elegant woman with magnificent hair

You don’t have to match a green dress with a heavy green eye, but a touch of green liner or a sweep of green-gold shadow in the corner might be just enough to pick out the color while keeping the look sophisticated.

At the same time, a red dress paired with bold lips in a slightly deeper red can make a statement.

Remember, too, it doesn’t have to be your clothing that you match. You could match a clutch, your shoes or the tones of earrings or a necklace. Metallics are a fun way to highlight eyes and accessories when you’re matching.

While it takes a light hand to get this look just right, it’s worth it to have a bit of fun and try matching your makeup every so often.

Here are some other pictures of celebrities who got it right at Harper’s Bazaar.

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