In the Navy: Stand out in navy blue this winter

In the Navy: Add Some Color This Winter


One color that is in this winter is navy blue. Whether you call it “reflecting pond” or seek out some other shade, this deep, dark blue is a great color for the cold weeks of December. It has the elegance of a basic black, but with a hint of color to make it more memorable. And there are so many ways to add a bit of navy blue to your look, whether accessorizing with shoes, jewelry or even nail polish (check out OPI’s Russian Navy in a deep indigo that shimmers!) or going all out with a Navy blue trench coat and hat.

I love the look of this Emilio de la Morena velvet and jacquard mini skater dress. Couldn’t you see this standing out at a New Year’s Eve party?

The one trick with navy blue is that different shades can be tricky to match. That’s why it may be easiest to go with a single accessory in the color or a main piece, such as a dress or a coat, and then complement it with neutral colors or another color that pops, such as orange.

Then again, if you find a matching glove and hat set or a purse in the shade that matches your shoes just right, go for it! After all, as I’ve mentioned before, making matches with your attire can having a stunning effect if done with just the right style.

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