Fall trend: Patterned, textured tights

Last week, I covered skirts of varying lengths for fall, so this week I’m sharing with you the must-have accessory for skirts of any length — tights!

Tights are a staple every fall, but this year the look goes beyond basic opaque tights. This year’s top tights trend is patterns and texture to add a bit of oomph to your look.


Fall trend: Patterned, textured tights


As you can see here, patterns and texture don’t have to mean bulky or gaudy.

You could go with something somewhat sheer with a delicate pattern, such as in Rebecca Minkoff‘s fall show (1). Charlotte Ronson brought in cable knit tights that add to the look without adding bulk (2).

And patterns don’t have to stick to black and gray. Take inspiration from Tommy Hilfiger and add a bit of ribbed color (3).

Check out some other ways to add some detail to your fall attire with some of these other tights I found for inspiration!

(4) Wolford pantyhose tight
(5) Hue
(8) Hue textured stocking

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