Beauty trends from NYFW you can do now

Did you see some of the looks from New York Fashion Week?

I thought this week I would share with you some of my favorite beauty trends from the show.

While New York Fashion Week was focused on style for the coming spring and summer, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these looks showing up this fall and winter. After all, you can play up popping lips or sparkly lids any season!

Glowing skin and lips that pop

One trend on a lot of models was the absence of makeup on eyes and cheeks, with just the lips accentuated. While some went with pinks — some in very bright shades — others sported classic, powerful red, such as the models at DKNY. Pairing those red lips with little or no makeup really let those lips stand out without overpowering the look. If this is a look you like, go for it! Of course, the same look with a softer shade of lipstick may make less of a statement but better fit the look you want. Take this trend and make it your own.


A DKNY model with red lips, photo courtesy of DKNY

Sparkling eyes

Metallics are still in style, but not so in-your-face as before. Some makeup artists swept just a bit of glitter in the center part of models’ eyelids, while others made silvery smokey eyes or muted golden sweeps. Over at Derek Lam, the models’ upper lids were bare, but a swipe of golden shadow adorned their lower lids.


A Derek Lam model with gold swept under her eyes, photo courtesy of NYFW


From heavy black liner on mostly bare faces to sharp streaks of blue, eyeliner stood out at this year’s NYFW. Looks like the cat eye and lined lid are here to stay!

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Models sport bold eyeliner backstage, photos courtesy of NYFW

Softer hair

Hair was soft and casual across the runway this year, with messy knots, windswept tresses, soft ponytails and a few braids and twists to keep it interesting. I love the look of a soft hairstyle where it looks like you took the time to do something, but not too much time. It’s the look of a hairstyle that may have started with every hair in place, but then softened and fell out of place as the day wore on. It’s the perfect look for spring and summer, but also can work for fall styles.


An Erin Fetherston model wears hair swept into a messy updo, photo courtesy of NYFW

I’d love to hear what you thought of the looks on the runway this year. What beauty trends are you trying this fall?

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