5 Easy Dresses for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an in-between holiday for clothing. You’re sitting down to a meal with family, but that doesn’t mean you want to wear your coziest sweater and baggiest jeans. You’d like to dress up a bit, but still keep it comfortable and casual. That’s where a simple yet stylish dress can be your best bet. Here are some great dresses that bring in some of this year’s best trends at the same time.


5 Easy Dresses for Thanksgiving


Whether it’s a new spin on the sweater dress, black-and-white with a distinctive ruffle, a colorful brocade or print or something more structured and belted, there are a variety of stand-out styles at various price points. Whatever you’re wearing, I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

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Beauty expert Jamie O'Banion is a model and co-founder of Beauty Biosciences.
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