Jamberry Nails: Style Without the Salon

By now, many of you have probably heard of Jamberry Nails, but I recently got a chance to try the heat-applied nail wraps for the first time.


Here’s a picture of the finished look!

The idea behind these, if you haven’t used them before, is you peel off one of the vinyl adhesives, heat it (you can buy a little heater from them or just use a hairdryer), apply, heat again, and then trim and file off the excess. They are a bit tricky to size correctly if you have longer nail beds, but I loved the look once they were on.

I think these would be great in a pinch or if you wanted to add a fun accent nail without a trip to the salon. This time of year, Jamberry not only has dressier designs like this one, but also has holiday-themed designs for a bit of fun. They last about two weeks (longer on toenails).


I would certainly recommend them!

I got to try Jamberry for the first time thanks to Leslie Yager, a Dallas gal who sells them and sent me a half-sheet to try. (Leslie’s also on Instagram @instajamnails).

Leslie’s providing a matching half-sheet for one of you to try out as well. Just put a comment on the blog post, and I’ll draw a name at random at the end of this week and get the winner’s address. Leslie will send you your half-sheet!

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