Summer favorites: Nude and pink lips

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I love shades of pink for summer lips!

I love the look of nude or pink lipstick, especially for summer when fresh faces are the way to go.

The lovely thing about choosing a shade the complements your skin tone is that it can wake up your face in the morning — or at any time of day! — with just a touch of color and not much else. So it’s a quick way to brighten up your look and your day.

Nude and pale pink shades also work well with stunning eyes, letting those eyes stand out while keeping lips simple.

There are so many great shades to choose from, especially now that nude lips have become a fashion staple. There are options from matte lipsticks to quick-fix lip glosses. The nice thing is you can get the look you love on any makeup budget.

So choose a nude or pink shade you love and keep it in your purse. This could easily be your go-to all summer!


Here are three of my favorites:

Tom Ford Lip Color in Blush Nude, $50


Cover Girl Colorlicious Lip Gloss in Give Me Guava, $6.60


MAC in Angel, $16


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Making a pretty ponytail

Last week I talked about the waterfall braid, but this week I want to go back to a tried-and-true summer style: the ponytail.

Yes, there is no need for a tutorial on a ponytail. With a brush and an elastic, you have all you need. But there are quick ways to create ponytails that have a little more going for them than your basic pony.

Here are a few I love for this summer:

Twisted side ponytail


This side ponytail with twists from Luxy Hair is a cute way to make a summer ponytail stand out from the crowd.

Low woven ponytail


This low woven ponytail from LuLu’s makes a ponytail fancy while still fun.

Topsy tail redux


I like that this grown-up ponytail from Camille Styles’ site goes from basic to bold with just a couple of flips around the elastics.

Do you have a favorite ponytail trick? I’d love to hear it!

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Summer waterfall braid

For summer, I love hairstyles that give you simplicity while looking a little more fun.

Source: PopSugar

So today I want to put the spotlight on the waterfall braid, which works just as well on mid-length hair as it does longer hair. You can even use it on shorter hair by incorporating longer bangs that hit around your cheekbones or starting right behind your bangs. I like this style because it is something cute and different while achieving one of the main objectives of most braids and updos — getting your hair out of your face and out of the way.

The nice thing about a waterfall braid is that you can do it on one side or both, curled or straight, depending on the look you want. And it works just as well with a flowy sundress as it does with jeans.

There are some great tutorials online for the look, which can be rather simple to do. If you can French braid your hair, you’ve got this one!

Since photos always help with these things, here is how it looks during the braiding in PopSugar’s easy waterfall braid tutorial.


Here’s the basic approach:

Part your hair and take up three sections as if you’re going to French braid parallel to the part.

Braid the first two sections, but let go of the piece you cross over from the top so that it hangs down. Cross the bottom piece over the section hanging down and gather a new piece from the bottom.


You can stop after braiding a few times and secure it with a barrette or bobby pin or finish up the entire braid and secure it with an elastic.

If you want to braid both sides with a little more pizazz, try this PopSugar tutorial instead.

For a video tutorial on how to do a waterfall braid on yourself (that shows how it can work with short hair as well), check out this video from CuteGirlsHairstyles.

The folks over at always seem to find ways to push the envelope on braids, including this easy loop waterfall braid


and this scissor waterfall that incorporates a fishtail braid for when you’re wanting something striking (and much more challenging!).


Next week, I’ll bring you tips on a style to get your hair up and off your neck for those sweltering summer days!

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Haircuts to fit your face

 Hair stylist with client

The trend for spring and summer seems to be geared toward longer hair, though the perennial allure of the face-flattering bob keeps it popular and summer is often a time for trying something shorter.

However long you wear your hair, there are certain tips for finding a cut that best fits the shape of your face. So, as you look over different haircuts before your next visit to the salon, here are a few tips on what to look for (and what to avoid), based on the shape of your face.

Woman head being measured by beautician hands

The first trick, then, is figuring out your face shape. Sometimes this takes just a quick look in the mirror to decide if your face is round, oblong, heart-shaped, square or oval. Sometimes, it can be a bit trickier. If you want to use a bit of technology to figure out the answer, try the face-shape tool on Upload a photo, click to measure a few areas and the site will quickly identify the shape of your face as well as offer up some suggested haircuts.


In general, here are my tips to keep in mind when looking for a new cut:


If you have a round face, you want to avoid haircuts that make your face look even rounder. So avoid cuts that hit right at your chin, instead opting for something a bit longer. Also, avoid lots of curls and stacked layers that could make your face look wider. Go for longer cuts with layers at varying lengths or go shorter with a cute pixie cut.


Styles that give your face more width are actually a plus for oblong faces, so you can look great in the cuts those with round or square faces should avoid. Blunt bangs and chin-length bobs work great on oblong faces, as do longer cuts with loose curls to add dimension.


The wider forehead and smaller chin of a heart-shaped face begs for longer bangs and tapered cuts for hair of any length. Avoid blunt cuts, which are too angular for your face. A long bob works well or a shoulder-length cut with loose curls to soften the look.


Because a square face balances a wide jawline against a wide forehead, look for cuts that lengthen, such as longer layers and side-swept bangs. Avoid the blunt bangs that work well on oblong faces but add too much width at the top of square faces. Instead of a blunt bob, which carries the same dangers for square faces as it does for round, try an angled bob, with the front slightly longer than the back. Layers at varying lengths, no matter how long or short your hair, will add a softness to your face.


As with hats, oval faces can wear different hairstyles without too much fuss, due to the balanced nature of an oval face.

In the coming weeks, I’ll bring you a few ideas on how to wear your hair this summer to keep it looking fresh and fabulous while keeping it up and out of the way.

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Subtle hair for summer

As we head toward summer, this is the perfect time for thinking about changing your hair. While a new cut can always be a great way to step into a new season, let’s not overlook what a new approach to color can do for your hair.

The good news is that subtle is in this year in so many ways, which means that changes you make don’t have to cause jaws to drop in order to turn heads. A top look for hair is the subtle ombre approach, which takes the more in-your-face ombre pairings we’ve seen (pink and blonde? black and platinum? bright red and black?) and tones them down into a more natural look.

Subtle ombre creates a more natural look. Source: L'Oreal
Subtle ombre creates a more natural look.
Source: L’Oreal


This trend showed up last year, but it still holds for this year as hairstylists emphasize more natural looks and subtle shades. (Think of the babylights trend, which uses smaller sections of hair for highlights to give you more natural, sun-kissed tresses reminiscent of childhood summers)

A more subtle ombre can mean just letting the roots grow out. If you’ve got a good mix of highlights and lowlights that complement your natural hair color, this can all become part of your look even as you stretch out time between visits to your stylist.

But the look can also be very intentional, while keeping a natural feel.

L’Oreal has an entire page devoted to the ombre look (from classic to bold to subtle) and how you can achieve it at home.

The idea this year is to move away from all dark on top and all light at the ends, instead working highlights lower down on darker hair, to give it a more subtle and sophisticated effect.

Light ends and darker roots work great when put up in a braid, wrapped into a low chignon or pulled back into a ponytail. The variation in shade also can look nice with hair down in soft waves to reflect its more casual feel.

If you decide to go for a new cut instead of switching up your color this summer, stay tuned. Next week I’ll suggest some of this year’s haircuts to best suit the shape of your face!

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Make an interview all about you

Business Woman


This time of year often marks the point when college students are beginning the search for jobs, though, as anyone knows, job searches are a year-round endeavor.

Lately, I’ve been reading tips about how to look your best for an interview, and I wanted to share a few thoughts on the subject.

The most important part of a job interview is keeping the attention on you — not on what you chose to wear that day or how you fixed your hair. Everything — your makeup, your clothes, even your accessories — should work to put you forward in the best light possible so that what you’re saying during the job interview can make the best impression.

Unless your new employer encourages creativity in dress — something like a tech start-up firm or art studio, perhaps — the key is subtlety.

That is true for both your clothes and the makeup you wear to the interview. When in doubt, go for more conservative hues in clothing, such as black, navy or tan, and keep your makeup subdued.

Then you can find a way to make the look stand out without shouting.

For example, a black suit paired with a mint green blouse or a beige top overlaid with a colorful scarf can add a splash of spring color without overpowering the look.

The same is true for makeup. You can emphasize one feature, such as an extra pop of color on the lips or sweep of shade on the eyes. But still, it is best to err on the side of caution. Bright red lips and heavy eyeliner may not go over well. You want the people you speak with to focus on you, not the makeup you’re wearing.

I know I keep coming back to nude nails, but this trend once again lets you look sophisticated without having nails that become a distraction during the interview. Nails should be well-shaped and freshly polished in a neutral shade or even with just a clear topcoat.

Don’t neglect your accessories. Shoes in particular can make a difference in how your whole look comes together. You want clean, unscuffed dress shoes. Your sandals may be adorable with your selected outfit, but there’s a chance they may not be allowed in the company’s dress code and they lack an air of professionalism. Instead, go for a pair of flats or low-heeled pumps.

Jewelry also is best held to a minimum. Think about possible pitfalls, such as several bracelets clanking together or long earrings swinging too much. Again, jewelry should be a part of presenting you, not draw too much attention to itself.

Revisit this chart for ideas on the best necklaces to pair with your blouse or dress neckline.

Finally, a practical briefcase or tote can be handy for keeping any paperwork you receive during the interview process and keeping your notebook at hand for anything you wish to jot down. This piece shouldn’t draw too much attention to itself, but you can have a little more fun here with patterns or color.



Kate Spade Emma Lane Maya shoulder bag, $248

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Find a new kind of French manicure

It seems like there’s always a new twist on the French manicure coming out, with some new color taking over for the traditional pink nail with a white tip.

But new tweaks and approaches to French manicures are sure to catch attention. One touch I love is the way JINsoon created a new look by sweeping upward with that white tip to create an asymmetrical look. While the diagonal French manicure is still a fun switch away from the traditional approach, this new style feels more organic and less regimented — perfect for spring!


A new approach to the French manicure from JINsoon

The nude nail trend still holds here, with pale pinks or soft golds balanced against the whiter tips — or perhaps a neutral shade tipped with a shiny silver?

Other takes on the French manicure include a double-tipped nude nail or using the negative space trend to adorn a literally nude nail with just the tip painted.

Miss Pop created these shifting crescent negative space nails to complement Charlotte Ronson’s spring collection. While not strictly a French manicure, the approach gives a definite nod to the look while making it new and fresh. The color is OPI’s That’s Hula-rious!


Photo source: OPI on Never Enough Nails

Then there’s the reverse French, where crescents are painted along the cuticles and the rest of the nails down to the tips are left nude. Polishpedia has a tutorial on getting the reverse French look.



The look is sophisticated and fun and can be used with a variety of colors.

What are you wearing on your nails this spring?

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Spring trend: Yellow!

Young woman reading a message on the phone

This spring, it may be a good time to find out what yellow works best for you.

Nudging over orange as the hot color of the moment, yellow appears to be a top hue for spring.

But just as orange can be tricky because you have to choose the right shade for your complexion, yellow holds the same pitfalls — and rewards once you find the yellow that is right for you.

The good news is that yellows come in a range of shades with something for everyone. Yellow can range from dark mustard to pale to bright sunflower to almost green.

Here are some yellow spring dresses in a variety of shades:

Pale yellow



Gucci Pale Yellow Light Matte Cady Dress, $1,750 at Neiman Marcus

Bright yellow



Short sleeve lace sheath dress, $149 from Lands’ End

Mustard yellow



Cami Babydoll Dress, $15.90 at Forever21

Golden yellow



Ooh La La Lady Dress in Sunflower, $69.99 at ModCloth

Greenish yellow



Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress, $343 at Yoox

Choosing the right shade of yellow can be daunting, but it can help if you know your seasonal coloring (whether you’re a spring, summer, fall or winter), which looks at whether you have warm or cool skin tones.

This kind of color-mapping can get pretty involved. If you’re interested in quick look at finding your seasonal coloring, try this post from Lovelyish.

In the end, the best way to pick out the yellows you love this season will come from seeing how they look on you — both indoors and out!

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Spring trend: Gingham

I’m not sure what your reaction was when gingham was trotted out as the hottest fashion pattern for spring, but usually there’s a lot of resistance to the pattern of Dorothy’s dress in the Wizard of Oz.

But gingham can come in a variety of colors and fabrics to create a spring look that is very modern.

Here are a few gingham looks I love for this spring, from the very professional to the very playful:

Fun and flowy, this Dolce & Gabbana gingham cotton-poplin dress looks perfect for a spring outing.


$2,295 on Net-A-Porter

This Anne Klein Gingham Ponte sheath dress, complete with belted waist, would be right at home in a professional office.


$54.97 (originally $139) at Nordstrom Rack

Or, instead of a dress, try something like this L.L. Bean signature lightweight poplin shirt in gingham.


$44.99 (originally $54) at L.L. Bean

If you don’t love the all-over gingham look, there are options to add a splash of the pattern in your accessories, such as this cute DVF 440 micro mini leather crossbody bag.


$178 from DVF

Have a favorite gingham piece? I’d love to hear about it!

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Spring trend: Accentuate the waist

A fun accessory for any time of year, but especially hot this spring, is the belt.

But there is so much more to cinching the waist than just a belt! This season, it could be a tied-around obi belt, an accent tie on your palazzo pants or maybe a belt that you’ve decided to tie instead of buckle. This is a trend you can have fun with at minimal fashion risk!

I love how these images from Obi Belt Shop show the difference in an outfit when an obi belt is added!


The site also offers some ideas on how to tie your obi belt. I’m particularly fond of this one.


Want something quick and new? Try wearing two skinny belts in contrasting colors at the same time. Then, cross them so that each goes into the other’s buckle. I love this look from FashionRolla.


For other cute ideas for wearing a traditional belt in a new way, get a long belt and knot it with something fancy. I really like this butterfly knot, also from FashionRolla’s tutorial.


Love belts? I’d love to hear how you’re wearing yours this season!

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